Using GYRA from Microsoft Windows

You need to install two pieces of software:

  • a terminal emulator to connect to the cluster
  • a secure copy (SCP) client to move files to and from the cluster

NB: These instuctions devoloped using MS Vista on 14th April 2011. Links may expire and it may or may not work with Windows 7. (If the don’t work email Cymon.)

Download and install WinSCP a Secure Copy client for Windows

You need to click on this link Installation package, and save the file. Navigate to <home folder>\Downloads and click on the winscp432setup application. Follow instructions: choose Typical installation and Commander interface everything else leave as default. It will install in C:Program Files/WinSCP, and place a short-cut on your desktop.

Download and install PuTTy a terminal emulator for Windows

You need to click on the putty.exe and install it in your home directory. Navigate to <home folder>\Downloads and move to C:/Program Files with cut/paste and create short-cut to desktop if wanted.

Setting up PuTTY and WinSCP

Double click the short-cut icon to WinSCP on the desktop. In Host name enter change File protocol to SCP. Enter you username and password. Click Save... and save the session Do not save password. Click close - you have now stored a session configuration for

Start WinSCP again. This time you can see the stored session, which as you only have one, is highlighted. Double click it or press Login - enter password.

In the Options/Preferenes menu choose Integration/Applications. Change PuTTY path to %PROGRAMFILES%putty or to where ever you installed PuTTY - or use the Browse.. button and point it at your PuTTY installation. Select the Remember session password... and Automatically open new session... buttons.

In the Commands menu choose Open PuTTY enter password. Right-click the top window bar and choose Change settings.... In the right-hand menu choose Window/Colours and select the option Use system colours on the right. Select Window/Appearence and change the Font size in the Font settings if needed - do not change the font itself: it needs to be a monospaced font such as Courier New (the default). Click Session highlight Default Settings on the right and click Save, then click Apply.

There are of course many more options and settings in WinSCP and PuTTY, but you are now good to go...