p4 Qdist installationΒΆ

Qdist is an auxiliary module for p4 using Qdist.

Get qdist sources and unzip in p4/Qdist:

$ wget http://birc.au.dk/software/qdist/qdist-src-1.0.zip

Modify Matrix.hpp:

extern "C" {
#include <cblas.h>

Install Boost and bjam:

$ bjam --build-dir=./build-boost --toolset=gcc stage

Manually copy boost libs to /share so that nodes can see them: cp stage/lib* /share/apps/lib

Assuming ATLAS libs in /share/apps/lib64/atlas/

Edit Qdist/setup.py:

include_dirs = ["/share/apps/lib64/atlas/include", "/usr/local/src/boost_1_46_1/"],
library_dirs = ["/share/apps/lib64/atlas/lib", "/share/apps/lib"],

In Qdist dir:

$ python setup.py install